Carl Jung’s Shadow

The most interesting thing regarding my midnight to dusk writing is that whenever I get into a flow I experience an alternative shadow-consciousness. It has happened twice now that while I spew forth words upon a page an entity arrives and stands behind me just to the right. This being seems to consist of complete dark energy and I am always made aware of it when it brushes my right shoulder. Albeit this being lacks any malice or evil, but it seeps raw energies around me. It almost creates a time-bubble were I am completely unaware of what I am doing or how quickly time passes. Whether or not this being is simply a figment of my overactive imagination (perhaps it is my Jungian shadow?) is not relevant.

Once I notice that this being is brushing me with it’s… they aren’t fingers (and screw off it doesn’t have genitals xD)… appendages my mind immediately goes blank. I’m filled with an inner swirling peace. A maelstrom of chaotic energy in which all my emotions, thoughts, desires, and sense of self are abolished. For those of you who would claim I am whacked out on a substance, it is not the case. Both times this being has arrived I have been just over an hour into my writing cycle and completely sober.

Anyways when I am caught in it’s presence I feel as if it wishes to help me with my writer’s block. If I banish it (a figure of speech! Catholic exorcism comes to mind) my ideas disappear immediately and I am reduced to staring at a blank monitor. However if I accept it and integrate it with my mind, my ideas come faster than a Persian Prince in a harem.

~V. Rogue


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