Excerpt from Banquet of Tremors – My novel to be

Eli then realized that he was standing around staring at the retreating Grey robes and so he decided that he better get a move on. He put one step in front of the other… and then realized that he had left his Extra-Dimensional Box at home. Eli would require the device to store the goods he was after since the concept of a “bag” had been abolished when Eli had been yet a toddler, under his Ward: Matthias.

Eli thought back to when he had been given his first EDB when he was the ripe age of five. He had been playing with a molecular model given to him by Seil for his birthday before she walked up and handed him it. In fact Eli remembered exactly what Seil had told him:

“Remember Eli to never press the buttons until I tell you”.

Stubborn and childish, Eli had completely ignored Seil’s warnings and had instead pressed all six colored buttons at random: right in front of Seil! The deafening pain that had accompanied the pressing of the buttons had been enormous! One moment Eli had felt utter joy with his gift and the next he was wriggling on the floor in agony. This EDB wasn’t an Extra Dimensional Box after all. It had been a prank engineered by Seil meant to teach Eli a valuable lesson.

“The lesson here Eli is that you must obey your older sister Seil”, his ward Matthias had told him, “She means the best for you and wants you to succeed. Seil has just been accepted as a Red robe and wishes the same for you”.

Eli had internalized his EDB incident and because of it had never questioned Seil’s judgement ever again. Only two short years later Matthais had been drafted into the war against the Defiled and died in combat. Eli had been heart-broken. He would cry for hours on end and whenever he looked at his toys he would remember the horrible experience. He never touched his toys again.

Eventually Eli reached his destination at the southern war pyramid and he gazed upon the behemoth. It was completely smooth and triangular but legend had it that in times of distress it would open up and summon lightning bolts. Of course Eli had never seen this happen since Prospertum hadn’t been directly invaded by the Nymphs or Defiled in over a century.


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