Banquet of Tremors – excerpt 2 (non edit)

Eli frowned at this and asked blankly: “Doesn’t that defeat the purpose of our whole assignment? Like I mean, shouldn’t our proposed idea of an everlasting food source be based off one organic being? If we include many we are simply reverting back to inefficient archaic methods of meat gathering?”

“Well to some extent I would propose” answered Krin through gritted teeth, “But than again it is possible to say that is still more efficient than forcing cattle to graze for months with hormonal therapy”.

“Just because you compare our innovations to more pathetic methods doesn’t mean that you’re making progress” Seil replied mechanically, “I want to make sure that the hound-mantis can properly reconstruct themselves after we scrape the meat off of them”.

“That… simply isn’t possible with the amount of data that we have gathered on bio-synthesis and genetic splicing”, replied Krin.

At this Seil looked from the laboratory with it’s wide assortment of test tubes, computer monitors, biological emulators, and then lowered her gaze upon Krin.

“Krin. . . that simply isn’t acceptable, I am looking forward to your constant vigilance and guidance”, She looked over at Eli, “Also remember Krin that Eli is also your tool in this regard and you need to help him to mold your current project”.

The obvious dislike that Seil flashed Krin’s way was completely evident to Eli but Krin didn’t seem to notice as he was gazing upon his note-tablet and furiously pressing upon it. It’s probably a good thing, thought Eli, Krin would probably lose himself and rage and say something stupid.

“Eli, would you please grab a vial and a pair of tongs?”, asked Krin, “And please be snappy about it we have to solve this problem, rather sooner than later”.

Eli nodded, quickly span around and went directly across from the table that both Krin and Seil were standing at and reached for a cupboard. The aged oak cupboard was smeared with chemical stains, as series of experiments gone haywire, and distinctly smelt of roses. Eli never understood why they smelt of roses, but then again half of the time he didn’t understand anything that happened in the lab. Seil and Krin led the more complicated experiments and any time he would ask them what was happening or how to properly execute the same methods, they would shrug or tell him that he wasn’t senior yet to learn more. He opened the cupboard through the twisting of a lever, all cupboards within this room held levers for safety reasons, grabbed a vial and was about to grab a pair of tongs when suddenly the door swung open with a deafening crash. Eli spun around and noticed out of the corner of his eye that Krin had done the same. A look of shock and curiosity sparked across their complexions.


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