Banquet of Tremors excerpt 3 (non edit)

Eli remembered all too well what had happened the last time he had left the pen open. As soon as the hound-mantis realized that there was an opening in the fence that held it in shackles it bolted. It immediately targeted a fellow scientist under the name of Krin and was about to tear out his throat when Eli had a bright idea. Well, not bright, but dark. Eli had quickly shut off the lights and the thing had gone immediately limp and confused, with a lack of light it was both immobilized and blind. Krin had been furious that Eli had made such a blunder, but he forgiven him after Eli proposed to give him all his chocolate rations for three months as an apology. The science behind what had made the thing go limp was never explained or investigated. This was due to the fact that if it was investigated in the first place, the experiment would’ve drawn the question of: why had the lights been turned off? Naturally Eli, Krin, and Seil would then have to explain what had happened in the lab which would prove disastrous. Eli would’ve been stripped of his title of geneticist and the council would’ve been furious.

“Yeah… you’re right sis” Eli responded, a sad expression written all over his face, “I will double check this time”.

“Triple check sounds more like it!” Seil snapped, “Krin could have been devoured by that… that… thing! Anyways, I will see you down in the lab in thirty”.

And with that Seil slipped down the stairs in the opposite direction from whence she had came, her brown hair flipping in the wind. Eli took a deep breath and looked out at the SERP1, which was unloading it’s military personnel, once more before turning in the direction Seil had come from and took a step.


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