Symbolism, more to come regarding Historical study.

As with history, we all experience our own classical age, dark ages and enlightenment. Since History is a cyclical endeavor in which human nature is displayed on overdrive and on a macro-level, so is the human being (on a micro-level). I believe that my dark ages have come to an end and I have entered into the Renaissance, or more specifically the rediscovery of the ‘classics’. These classics are the embodiment of the creative person I was before I was damaged by the primal humans in high school and University, and the groupthink that accompanied them.

I for one shall no longer be chained by what is popular, trending, or what “ought” to be. I shall research all topics before I make a comment hence forth, and attempt to make decisions based upon what “is” rather than what “should”.

The Roman god of Lucifer has figuratively risen from the ashes, much to the fear of those on lower levels of cognitive thought.

Mors Principum Est!


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