Cultural Marxism, the subversion of the good for evil ends.

To start off this rant I would like to say that Karl Marx was indeed a great visionary and well educated. His assumption in the “Communist Manifesto” was that all societal conflict arose from class struggle. As all of you I am sure are familiar with the topic of “Marxism”, and how it sounds good on paper, I will not further gauge the topic. The issue with ideology and fanaticism is that it is completely make-belief and forced into a boxed space. Appealing to nature dynamics and animals is generally considered a fallacy, but let us assume that in this case that it is indeed valid since it IS what is being argued. Sadly biology always wins in the long run, hence revolutions throughout history and the discovery of the scientific method after the dark ages (regardless of the violent backlash). Behind every great blasphemy is progress, and behind every heretic is a man who thinks outside his box.
In every animal pack or herd there naturally arise individuals who are more capable to lead. There are various paths to leadership but most can agree that many of the forms of leadership strategy stem from immorality, manipulation, and exploitation of others. This makes Marxism a perfect manipulation system, since a government can claim universal good and subsequently do evil on others for their own agendas. For an example for the appeal to the e̶v̶i̶l̶ good, we may look at the Catholic church’s immoral tithe system which was introduced in the medieval ages. This tithe system allowed people to pay away their sins and affect loved ones trapped in supposed purgatory. Of course what eventually happened was the Reformation via Martin Luther in his “The ninety-five theses”, where he attacked corrupt Catholic practices.

Religion aside however, it was simply an example to add merit to my claim. The point being that if you allow an institution to actively dictate to you what is or what is not without restraint, tyranny springs into being. Ignorance and herd mentality leads to extreme censorship and allows for “evil” to flourish. The beauty of free thought is that it leads to free speech, and free speech leads to innovations. A society that shouts down dissent of any kind is not a free society. But political correctness and mindlessly going along aside, the issue I would like to bring up is that Marxism has historically proven to be a sinister evil that must be blotted out before it gains traction; because in reality it is simply a groupthink mobile which forces others into rigid thought patterns. Just as Hitler claimed that he would inevitably stop his advances in Europe, so does Marxism claim to know boundaries. I know that some of you may be thinking, “he just contradicted himself! He just said we need free speech and yet here he is dismissing Marxism!”, but please read on and it will make more sense (hopefully). Also the fact that I am philosophically addressing this issue and not just repeating “drugs are bad mmkay” makes it free speech.

By now I am sure all of you are aware of the political dishonesty that takes place everywhere in the world. I am not going to bother to cite examples at this point because it smells so bad, and anyone with a logical mind can see the bullshit for what it is. As shown with Mao and Stalin, Marxism is simply a vehicle that can be hijacked at any point in time by evil individuals to further their own ends. Simply put, Marxism becomes a cult of personality where the narcissistic person is exalted to godhood much to the degradation of the masses. The forced labor of supposed anti-Communist members during the purges was simply manipulation on a wide scale. The death about one million Chinese in the Korean war (1950-53) for “Communism”, speaks volumes. The Collective overtakes the Individual so utterly in Marxism that the society becomes a circle jerk of one-man/one-party rule. The biggest irony is that through supposed proletariat rule, the proles are enslaved further. At least with monarchy, socialism, democracy, etc, the system is some what honest with the individual.

In Monarchy: “I am the king by virtue of conquest, hereditary, or cunning, thus you must obey and die for me or I will kill you or enslave you! You are serf scum and obey your lords/betters.”

In Socialism: “We are the government and a society that believes in safety nets for those less fortunate, thus work hard and do the best you can and you know what? We will take care of you as long as you support our rule!”

In Democracy: “We are the government of the masses and believe that happiness for the largest number of people is the proper method of government! If you do not like something then organize and preform a debate in order to sway public opinion in order to change said issue. If you are civil and well behaved we will take care of you!”

Now let us address Marxism:
“We are a workers government made up of e̶n̶t̶i̶t̶l̶e̶d̶  proletariat who want the best for u̶s̶ you. If you disagree with our unions and methods then you are corrupt and evil bourgeois meaning to buck the system. If you disagree with us, you must be Capitalist scum who want to see the proletariat enslaved once more! The greatest good for all means you must agree with us on all issues, if you do not, then you must be k̶i̶l̶l̶e̶d̶  educated”

Marxism is simply too great of a risk to be ever taken seriously, and what scares me is that many people seem to see Cultural Marxism as some sort of savior. It isn’t. It’s a wolf in sheepskin. It’s an illusion that is propped up by those who are of highest Machiavel. Ever notice how cult members always seem to appeal to “everyone’s well being?”. I avoid these individuals like the plague and if you are sane and not “evil” you should do the same.

I may pick up this issue on a later date and add more relevant historical examples of Marxist doublethink. I just really needed to write something down on this blog since I have been rather sick and busy lately.


The definition of evil according to my perspective:
Needless destruction, ignorance, laziness, excessive greed, corruption, and compulsive lying. Of course liars deserve only lies (which is different from compulsive lying), but that is a rant for another day.