The morn is filled with fire

Where do I find the ire?

Why from the land beneath where lava does flow


I, son of the dark doomed to the world of light

Yet here does the feeble Will strike in fright

Cursed and yet loved by the being: Blight


Vast are the corridors of might

hidden by Gods in their eternal fight

But still I, a mortal stuck neither here nor there, lo do I lack a foe?


Banquet of Tremors – Gaia’s parting song

Of the Twins there was always one

One of higher mind and the other of spirit

But because of Pride and Arrogance

The twins shall apart: be broken

Stars of the Ocean above will rejoice when serpents fly

For the sun has peeked through the veil of deciet

But of that lost? Of that to be found? Of that to rise?

Beware the one that shines of coal and fright yet cries alight!

The Twins shall rise rise once more but the trail will open

For destruction is creation and the air is full of spores

Thus I decay over the centuries few…

So that you may live… Two?